Featured Artists

Deer Path Art League’s mission is to support the arts and artists in our community.  To that end, we will feature each of the artists that were invited to our 2020 Art Fair.  We include each artist’s contact information if you need it.  Although we will miss the physical exhibits this year, we are hoping you will enjoy seeing samples of the wonderful art online.

Philip Schorn

Discipline: Drawing/Pastel

The first time you see one of Philip’s works, you may think it is a photograph.  His realistic color pencil renderings focus on the detail of the subject.

Philip worked for 30 years as a graphic designer and has had a life long passion for art.  He wants the viewer to look and get lost in the scene as if they were standing in it.  As he puts it, “I am a color pencil artist that paints with a pencil”.

Not only does Philip display his work all over the country but he also teaches classes on his technique.

Website: www.pschornstudio.com

Michael Bond Etchings

Michael Bond was born and raised in Durham County, England.  An exchange student visit brought him to the United States and he ended up moving here.  His interest in Pen and Ink Drawings led him to enrolling in a printmaking course at the University of Wisconsin.  He fell in love with the process and quickly realized it was his calling!  Many of his works portray his beloved England.

He works in original etchings, drypoints, and aquatints using copper plates.  All of his pieces are fine art prints done by hand which means no two are alike. Michael has been exhibiting his work in Art Fair on the Square for many years in addition to traveling the country to show his work.

Discipline: Graphics/Printmaking

Website: www.michaelbondetchings.com

Mark Hersch

Fine Art Photographer, Highland Park, IL

Mark Hersch is an award-winning fine art photographer and the creator of the “Time After Time Collection of Historical Rephotography”. Mark merges rare, archival photographs of historic American cities, buildings, architectural landmarks and street life from the late 19th- and early 20th centuries with contemporary photographs he shoots from the exact same vantage point today, creating a single image that reveals parts of the old world and parts of the new.

Mark has created over 300 “Time After Time” photographs encompassing 13 major US cities, including New York, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. Recently Mark was commissioned to create four “Time After Time” photographs for George Washington’s Mount Vernon in Virginia, where his work is on display.

He has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Business Insider, Professional Photographer Magazine, NBC, PBS and WGN-TV.

Contact: markherschphotography@gmail.com
Website: www.markhersch.com
Instagram: @markherschphotography
Facebook: @markherschphotography

Shekina Rudoy

Shekina has been hand painting one of a kind silk wearables for over 36 years.  She travels around the country selling exclusively at the finest art shows and has been exhibiting in Art Fair on the Square for 11 years!

Using many different weaves and weights of white silk fabric which she stretches onto horizontal frames, Shekina hand paints the silk using brushes and dyes.  She takes joy in exploring the relationship between colors.  She uses the silk as her canvas.  After heat setting and washing the painted silk in then cut and sewn into her own flattering apparel.  Her emphasis is on creating unique, timeless garments that are not only stunning but also comfortable and practical.

Discipline: Fiber

Website:  www.shekinadesigns.com

Mark McMahon

“I am an on-location artist who documents people in their environments”

Mark’s urban scenes are full of landmarks and people; you can almost feel the environment.  Many of his scenes are of his native Chicago and other major cities.  He has been perfecting his unique style for most of his life.  He has been commissioned to do murals for public and private spaces as well as paintings.

Mark McMahon comes from a family of artists that spans three generations.  Fun Fact: His family actually helped to start Art Fair on the Square in the 1950’s!

Discipline:  Painting / Watercolor

Website: McMahongallery.com

Patti and Bob Stern

The Perfect View

You can’t help but feel happy when you look at one of the pieces created by Patti and Bob Stern.  Whimsical and clever works of art have antique clocks for faces and skeleton keys for hooks.  The Perfect View, the name of their studio, creates sculptures and cabinets made from up-cycled antiques.  These one of a kind art pieces show how historical items can be re-imagined.

The Perfect View has been displaying their unique items in juried art shows and galleries across the United States since 1993.  You can view their work on their website www.theperfectview.com